Thursday, April 19, 2012

Student Teaching (part 2)

The second half of my student teaching took place teaching 10th graders in San Diego. This was a very ambitious art project I planned and my master teacher trusted that I could handle it (thanks Shani!)

United States Mural Project (2007)
This project took a lot of hours to plan the logistics of making a huge mural! I projected a map of the US on heavy duty banner paper and traced each state. I then cut out the states for the students to paint. This was the students art history unit covering 20th century art movements (I love the 20th century and teach it every year). 

Students were assigned a state based upon their artistic ability and responsible behavior. I wanted every student to be successful so kids that really didn't like art or ones that I knew were lazy were given the smallest states. Students were given the larger states (Texas, California, Alaska) because I knew they would do an awesome job and could handle that much surface space.

Students were given a brief overview of about ten 20th Century art movements. (Ok...I did let them do Impressionism and Post Impressionism even though they technically weren't in the 20th Century). Students then researched specific topics about their assigned state to help brainstorm ideas for their painting. Topics included: famous landmarks, historical people, historical events, professional sports teams, state bird, flower, tree, animal). Students then chose an art movement to design their painting in the style of...and a lot chose Pop Art!

A couple parent volunteers came and helped cut plywood for the mural to be mounted on and then bolted the wood to the wall. Students were so proud of their mural and love that their artwork became a permanent fixture in the school building. (Last I knew it was still hung). I think I was a little nuts planning such a complex art project but I love the final outcome!

                                                                         Texas: Pop Art

                                                                 North Dakota: Pop Art

                                                              Colorado: Surrealism

                                                                  Montana: Post Impressionism

                                                               Kentucky: Pop Art

**As with any art project I post please email me if you have questions about materials used, processes, or if you would like lesson plans. You can also ask questions in the comment section below each post.**

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