Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abstract Vase (2008)

Students created an abstract vase that had a unique or interesting form.  Students were encouraged to move beyond the simple cylinder or cube.  Vases needed to be hollowed out and able to hold flowers or another object. Vases needed a minimum of three textures.

Ah, I remember this "vase". The kid didn't listen and glazed the bottom of his project and apparently I didn't check projects close enough (rookie mistake). The project was glazed to my kiln shelf and I couldn't get it to come off. Against my better judgement I yanked it as hard as I could and broke it off the shelf but in the process it cut a nice gash in my hand. Next thing I know there's blood dripping on the floor and I ran to the nearest teacher to clean me up. I feared that I was going to pass out again (yes I've passed out in front of my students, read here) and nobody would find me alone in my classroom. After I was bandaged I showed the teacher what cut me and she started laughing. I was a little offended that she was laughing at me. But then she proceeded to say, "you let your kid make a bong!" WHAAAAT! I had no idea what she was talking about since I've never done drugs. She pointed out the very obvious components to the "vase" that made it a rather nice device to smoke pot. I couldn't believe that I was so naive. And then the darnedest thing happened...the "vase" broke. I dunno...maybe it was too think...maybe it wasn't scored and slipped well enough...maybe there was an air bubble and it cracked...or maybe the art teacher got revenge for making drug paraphernalia in her classroom!

**As with any art project I post please email me if you have questions about materials used, processes, or if you would like lesson plans. You can also ask questions in the comment section below each post.**

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