Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faces in the Media (2008)

Students chose as famous person that they've seen in the media to be the portrait for their project. Students found an image of their subject and used the cut out filter in photoshop to alter the image. The new image was projected and traced onto the canvas. Students created monochromatic paintings and then added a mixed media element to the background.

                                                                    Clint Eastwood


                                                                      Alicia Keys

                                                                    Melissa Etheridge

                                                                    Mariah Carey

                                                                  Osama Bin Laden

                                                                  Michael Jackson

                                                                   Jason Alexander

                                                                   George W. Bush

                                                                  Stephen Colbert

                                                                            Jon Heder

                                                                    Harrison Ford

**As with any art project I post please email me if you have questions about materials used, processes, or if you would like lesson plans. You can also ask questions in the comment section below each post.**

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