Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Group Mural: Silhouettes

These silhouettes were created by students that finished their art projects early. This took an entire quarter to complete and all 3 grade levels worked on it. To begin with I had my smallest class (9 students) trace their bodies on butcher paper. I had them choose their pose based upon an activity a middle school student would participate in. These kids were very musical so most of the figures were playing instruments.

As students finished projects early I assigned them to tear pages out of magazines looking for specific colors. I had a couple of days were I had an entire class do this step while they waited for their clay to fire. Some students tore out pages, some students used circle stencils and traced various sizes of circles with sharpies onto the colored pages. A third group of students cut out these circles. We kept the circles organized in envelopes by color groups. When I had plenty of circles cut out I had students begin to glue down the circles with rubber cement. I let the students pick their color schemes and love the final result.

These silhouettes filled my display cases 1st quarter. I got a lot of complements by the staff and the kids liked seeing the final product (especially the ones that got stuck cutting out all the circles as that was super tedious). They have since made their way onto the doors of my clay room.

I wish I could get these pictures to rotate...frustrating!

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