Monday, September 10, 2012

Initial Artist (2010)

My High School Art 1 class studied movements from the 20th Century. Students chose an artist from one of those movements to recreate one of their famous paintings. They designed a letter of the artist's initial and built a box using cardboard and paper mache. Next students painted a layer of gesso and sketched the painting to wrap all the way around the letter. Finally students painted their letter using acrylic paint trying to replicate the colors and style of the original artist. Final projects were on display in the Spring Art Show. Students were so proud of their artwork and they did a fantastic job! The nice thing about these projects are that they're super light weight and you can hang them with fishing line from the ceiling.
 Edgar Degas

                                                               Vincent Van Gogh

                                                                    Henri Matisse

                                                                       Paul Cezanne

                                                                    Rene Magritte

                                                                    Norman Rockwell

                                                                    Roy Lichtenstein

                                                                      Roy Lichtenstein

                                                                  Wayne Theibaud

                                                               Wassily Kandinsky

                                                                      Edward Hopper

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