Sunday, January 18, 2015

Animal Faces (2014)

My 7th graders were given the challenge of turning a human face mold into an animal face. Each student began by plastering a human face mask. Based upon the shape of the animal's head the students used newspaper and cardboard to create the relief shapes of the animal on top of the plastered human face. Students used masking tape or hot glue to attach the animal pieces. They then used plaster gauze strips to coat the newspaper and cardboard attaching it to the human face.

I was given almost 100 boxes from the Tech department when they received new computer parts and used them to mount the animal faces to. Students plastered the box and then plastered the animal face to the box creating the look of a taxidermy mount. Students used acrylic paint to finish their project. They had the choice of making their animal look realistic or more cartoon. They were required to paint the sides of the box and then we drilled a hole in the back of the box so it could hand on the wall.

The kids really enjoyed this project and the messiness of the plaster. The variety of all the animal choices made for a fun display in the hallway.

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