Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Abstract Sculptures

My 7th Graders learned about Aboriginal Art and how the Aboriginees used dots to create their paintings. Students were given a wood block, 2 feet of wire, and nylon to create their abstract sculptures. I pre drilled 2 holes in each wood block for the wire to be placed into. Students twisted the wire to their desired form and then used hot glue to hold the wire in place.

Students then stretched a piece of nylon (it was a knee high pantyhose) over the wire and hot glued the opening on the bottom of the wood block. They then painted a layer of gesso to prime the surface and make the nylon more stiff.

Students then painted the surface in the style of Aboriginal Art focusing on patterns, movements, and variety in the size of dots. I provided them 6 different sized wooden dowels to dot with. I originally saw this project idea on pinterest.


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